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    Monday, April 15

    The Slayer Chronicles By Heather Brewer 

    Prologue & Chapter one 

    Pages 3-20 

    The Prologue has the scene where Abraham is at a gathering where they talk about who is the one that wil carry their family’s legacy to the next generation. There was a lot of arguments between the leaders and Abraham because they are only talking about their children and they are young and emotional. Especially into the situation that they will be getting involved in. Chapter one, is explaining Joss’ life ( one of Abraham’s Contestants) and how he people at school hates him and he couldn’t wait until summer to hang out with his best friend, and it’s his cousin. There was something about the end of the Chapter i really liked, there the last part where Joss’ Grandfather had given him a theory. “The Next Great Adventure” was what Joss’ grandfather’s saying what it would be like after your death, that it would be the next great adventure. This was the a last few paragraphs of chapter one and this had lured me into reading the next chapter. It made me want to think about the possibilities on what this great adventure could be, how would we picture during our life now. This first chapter introduced me to the main character and how he was known within his school. Judging from the title of this book, i want to know how he overcomes the doubt and hatred of other people and how he would become his family’s next great slayer that carries on their legacy. 

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An older picture (: She’s perfect (: 


    An older picture (: She’s perfect (: 

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    For the day of Monday. January 28 

    pg. 3-16

    This book is one of the books that i have never read before.The title of the book is self-explanatory. The first chapter starts off just like most books, it introduces series of characters and identifies the main character.It describes elaborately on his life in the present time of the book. One interesting part of the chapter was, how come he had the idea of not telling his friends or family that he is a Vampire Slayer. I’m assuming that he doesnt want his family or friends to get involved or hurt.